Best Festive Gifts For Your Clients This Christmas

Christmas is a great time to give gifts to your clients and keep your brand in their thoughts. With just 4 weeks to go, we here at Promote It thought we should help you out and get you in the giving spirit!

Here are our top picks to put in your corporate stockings:

Stress Ball:

It’s not the most glamorous product on this list, but it may be the most necessary. Christmas should be a time of families coming together and being merry, but organising for the extended family to all be under one roof and getting along, as well as cooking for what feels like 50 people, can lead to one stressed out client! Tell them that you are there for them in their time of need with a product to relieve the stress of the festive period.

Bottle Openers:

Over Christmas many of your clients will be off enjoying the festive period and being merry. Why not help them on their way with a branded bottle opener, and remind them of your brand with every Christmas beer they have! It is certainly a way to reinforce your brand with positive memories of relaxation.

Wine Coolers:

In a similar train of thought, you could get a wine cooler for your clients that prefer grape over grain. When your client is outside enjoying the Christmas heat, they can have a nice cold glass of white wine thanks to you and your promotional product. What more could you want to give this Christmas than the gift of relaxation?

Notebooks and Journals:

Christmas is also a time to look toward the new year and see an opportunity for your company to give a corporate gift that can be used every day by your client, solidifying your presence in their mind. A planner is a perfect gift for any professional as it helps keep on top of your daily tasks and makes business run more efficiently. Your client probably hasn’t got a planner for the new year yet, so get in first and have them use your brands. This can be a very practical and appreciated present for your client.

Windscreen Sunshade:

The Christmas sun can get pretty aggressive, give your client a practical gift in a sunshade. Often people do not think to buy a sunshade, or perhaps they think they can get them for free, so this is a gift that has a high chance to be used by your client. If they have it, they will benefit in using it when they hit the beach on boxing day. Not only is it a present likely to be used, but it is also a huge advertising space for passers by! Think smart this Christmas and get your client a sunshade.

Confectionery Gifts:

Christmas is a time for gluttony, so give your clients a sweet treat! A bag of lollies should never go down badly, unless maybe your client is somehow being well behaved throughout Christmas. Even then the sweets can be passed on down to their children, and their joy should bring your client joy. Christmas is all about giving after all.

Reusable Bags and Coffee Cups:

2018 has been a year of revolution so far in terms of the fight against single use plastics, with the fight likely to have even greater influence next year. Tell your clients your company cares about the environment and help them fight the good fight by giving them a reusable tote bag for their shopping or a reusable coffee cup. Most coffee shops offer a discount if you bring your own reusable cup, so this gift can actually save your client money as well as saving the environment, double win for them!


What Can Promote It Do For You?

Hopefully we have given you inspiration for the perfect corporate Christmas gift. Your company shouldn’t waste the opportunity to get your promotional products out there this Christmas, and if you do decide to treat your clients to some presents then Promote It are here to provide you with the best quality promotional Christmas gifts. We have a huge range of high-quality promotional products, so no matter how quirky your idea we will be able to help. If you can’t find a particular item, please do not hesitate to contact us, we have fulfilled many of these requests over our two decades in the industry and we are positive we will be able to fulfill your request. Call us on 09 917 1333 or contact us here.