A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Colours to Promote Your Business

Promotional products are a great way to advertise your business and attract new customers. Many of the promotional products and apparel we offer at Promote It comes in a variety of colours and it may not be as simple as just picking the colours you like. You may already have a colour palette for your business and want to create promotional products in line with this, but it is still important to consider the message those colours may be delivering to your customers. This article will provide some insight into the meaning behind colours and help you create the best promotional materials possible.


Colours and Emotions

Colour psychology is the study of hues and the impact they have on human behaviour. Knowledge of colour psychology is important when it comes to marketing your business and has been used for years by many of the top brands. The infographic below shows the emotions that are associated with each colour and how this relates to some well-known brands. You can see that the colour blue is associated with a feeling of trust, strength and dependability; a good colour choice for brands such as Dell, HP and Ford, all of which are known for their good quality products.


infographic on the link between colours, emotions and marketing

Credit: The Logo Company


The question is, is it really this simple? Many factors can influence how we feel about an emotion including our personal preference, past experiences and our culture so how can we identify specific emotions? If we take the Coca-Cola logo as an example, the colour red is meant to cause a feeling of boldness and youthfulness, but if we do not like this colour would we still feel the same emotions?


Colours and Brand Personality

Another theory is the relationship between brand personality and colours. Brand Personality is the idea that brands have a set of human characteristics associated with them. The personality of a brand allows the consumer to express their personality or to create an ideal personality by using the brand. Psychologist, Jennifer Aaker, identified five types of personalities brands identify with. Deciding which type of personality your brand is portraying may help to define your business.


Credit: Help Scout


There are also certain colours that are associated with each personality type and it is important that the colours you use promote your brand personality. It has also been found that consumers will judge brands on whether they think the colours they use to match what they are selling.


In Summary

When deciding on colours to use to promote your brand there are no hard and fast rules as many factors can affect how people will react to a colour. With this said it is still helpful to have an understanding of the types of emotions you may be triggering in your customers through the colours you use. In addition, choosing the right colours for your brand personality will help to create a more unified experience for your customers.


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