Promotional Products That Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

There are thousands of promotional products that can be used to advertise your business. But how can you stand out from the rest with your promotional products? It is all about thinking outside the box, what your recipients would appreciate. Here are some items that can make you stand out from the crowd:

Business Gear

Most people are passionate about their job. Work is something that most people go to everyday, and many people even continue to work from home at night. A nice and functional satchel or backpack with your brand on would therefore be a great way to earn your clients’ or employees’ gratitude every day.


Another huge part of doing business is travelling. Putting your brand on a suitcase and other travel goods allow your brand to travel with your recipients everywhere they go. The recipients will happily use a product of high style and good quality and your brand will be shown in a lot of places – win-win.

Personalised Sporting Goods

Our days mainly consist of work in our workplaces, where we wear our working/business clothes. But we also wear clothes outside of work. By giving away long-lasting products that can be worn or used outside of work, such as outdoor wear and personalised sporting goods, you can get your brand shown with minimum effort.

Home Safety

Showing your clients that you care about their safety will make them appreciate you even more. By putting your brand on a safety product such as a smoke detector and give to your clients, you can make your brand appear in their homes while helping them protect their homes and families.

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits are other branded items that hold a lot of value to people. These products can be kept anywhere – in the car, at home, or in the workplace. They also last a long time and can be replenished with new items such as plasters and bandages.


A bicycle is a great way to get around and it’s good for the environment and for your everyday exercise. It can also be seen as a symbol of fitness or of touring adventures. By giving your clients a bike with your branding on, you can be a part of their adventures and memories.


Everyone likes to have fun, and who is not having fun when playing games? A fun game, for indoors or outdoors, will create memories of the participants. So, by having your logo on game equipment, you will be both in the game and part of the memory, and it will make your clients remember your brand.

Funny Desk Items

Desk items could be common things such as notebooks, pens and calculators etc. But people are often looking for ways to add some fun and individuality to their working space. Therefore, you should think outside the box and come up with a fun item for your recipients to have on their desks. This could be things such as a stress release ball, a beanie toy or a piggy bank.

Tool Storage

A good-looking and functional toolbox or a home storage cabinet can help your recipients keep their tools organised. They will thereby always know where they have their stuff – in the toolbox or home storage with your logo on it.


Speakers and headphones are nowadays integral parts of our business and personal lives. Products that provide a long-lasting good quality will be very appreciated and well used by the recipients, and with your branding on it, your company’s name will be seen every day. Another electronic item that would be a great thing to give away is an eWriter Tablet, which can be used for many things. When writing on this, it feels like writing on paper, but it’s easier to add, change and erase text.

Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are some of the most sought-after conference items. They tend to encourage people to refill their water and stay hydrated. These bottles can be used for a long time, and by providing your clients with these you will show that your company supports going green. Your logo will also be seen everywhere the people bring the bottle.


Jewellery and Charms

Last but not least, personalised gifts such as jewellery and charms are products that are small in size but huge in impact. You can choose to design a brand-new charm that is unique for your company, or you can choose to put your brand on an existing charm from an existing brand such as Pandora. These are items that can carry a lot of personality, so be thoughtful which one you choose to send a message to your recipients.


Promote It has an enormous range of high-quality promotion items. If you’re already interested in producing a specific promotional item, then take a look at our products. If you can’t find the particular item that you’re looking for, then please contact us and we can have it made for you – we have done this many times for customers. With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, we can ensure that we provide exceptional service at a great value.