How Do You Conduct a Rebranding With Promotional Products?

Corporate Branded Items

There could be a variety of reasons you decide to rebrand your business. Whether it’s a new venture, a different angle you want to take with your company or your consumers are just not happy with how they perceive the value of your brand, it’s time to shift gears. Rebranding isn’t easy but if you want to sustain yourself in the long run, it’s a non-negotiable. There are many facets to undergoing a business rebranding and an effective strategy you should include is promotional items. However, as with any strategy, diving into the deep end without a clear plan is fruitless. So, how can you conduct a rebranding with promotional items? Here’s our list to help you get started. 


The quality should reflect your rebranding

Once you have your brand envisioned, you have to translate that into promotional products. If your product costing has changed, reflect that in your promotional items. For instance, say you’ve rethought your pricing strategy from high cost to mid-range. As such, make sure your promotional items match that, as well. This doesn’t mean your promotional products are of lower quality, but it’ll match how you want your customers to think about your brand and products. Eco-friendly water bottles, Bluetooth speakers, etc are all great examples of mid-range products. Of course, keep in mind what your brand represents as a whole. If you’re promoting to an audience who cares about sustainable products, don’t do the mistake of using plastic water bottles as merchandise.


Change up your distribution strategy

If your plan of attack is to attract a different set of audiences, make sure that the distribution of your promotional items is aligned with it. For instance, say you are a sportswear brand that previously catered to both men and women and now you’re focusing just on women. In this example, you’d be better off giving out your promotional merchandise at women-only gyms or at events catered to them specifically. This strategy is more targeted and effective in your overall rebranding efforts. In the same way, if your products have transitioned from selling to an older mature generation to more millennials, giving your merchandise at an elderly home will be as effective as not doing it in the first place. 


Brand voice = promotional products

This point marries well into the last two we’ve discussed. Your brand image should be clearly and easily reflected in the products you choose in your promotional mix. This strengthens the voice of your brand. Why? Because when you associate your brand with a product similar to the category in which you occupy, your consumers (or potential consumers) will match your brand to the right need you are trying to satisfy. For example, if you are a technology company, you’d be better off giving merchandise within that category rather than in homeware. 


Change up your copy

This is a no brainer, but when you’re implementing a rebranding, whether it’s big or small, make sure you cover every single base. You want to push the new messaging into every nook and cranny. So, from the day you launch the rebranding, your messaging should splash across every product that has your logo on it. That way, the branding is fast-paced and will limit adoption and lag time. 


Don’t allow for any confusion

If there’s one thing consumers despise, it’s confusion. Amidst a business rebranding, don’t leave any stone unturned. Dot all the I’s and cross all your t’s. Replace all your previous promotional items with the newly branded ones. Additionally, don’t allow for a lag period. As soon as you launch the rebranding, your promotional items should go out at the same time. 


Rebranding is an exciting period within the business because you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of scaled growth. When you’re journeying down the path of rebranding, promotional items can help posit your brand in the light you intended. As such, make sure you carefully choose your corporate branded items. If you’re looking for personalised promotional items, the team at PromoteIt can help you source exactly what you need. Whether you’re in the market for corporate branded apparel or custom pens and pencils, contact them today to get started.