Promotional Items Giveaway to Boost End-of-Year Sales

Christmas Gift Promotional Gift

Every year, as soon as Halloween season is behind us, it feels like the floodgates suddenly open and customers are in a generous mood. All of a sudden, there are a countless number of businesses rushing to cash in on a spending frenzy. To make the most of this season, you need to have a clear marketing plan to guide you and your business to make the most of the end of year sales.


With Christmas and New Year approaching, here are some giveaway ideas to attract potential clients and boost your last-quarter-of-the-year sales using promotional items.


Personalised Gifts and Rewards

Publishing your holiday item catalog is perfect, but why not share personalised gifts for your esteemed buyers? Consumers love prizes that fit their wants and needs, and branded products that are specially made for them. So if you want to micro-target your holiday sales campaign, try making a personalised promotional items giveaway. Doing so will help you to identify different segments of your target market and share promotions designed for them. Looking for branded personalised products or gift with purchase ideas? Checkout these tote bags, makeup kits, or yoga mat.


Eco-Friendly Giveaways

Today more than ever, consumers are demanding sustainable practices from companies. Since the green movement is here to stay, why not embark on the trend and have eco-friendly giveaways? By giving eco-friendly promotional products during the holiday season, you are promoting your business while improving your brand image at the same time.


Sustainable promotional products can be made from all-natural materials, but they also make it easier for recipients to have a positive impact on the environment by reducing waste and recycling. What’s more, sustainable items can be branded with your company logo, just like any other promotional product. For inspiration, check out these reusable shopping bags, biodegradable waste bags, and water bottles.


Seasonal Giveaways

The holiday shopping season is actually longer than you may think. Almost half of the shoppers start planning for their holiday shopping spree from as early as October, beginning from the Halloween season and all the way to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and finally New Year. To maximise the potential, you need the right strategy to build and maintain excitement among your customers. 


A holiday giveaway is a fun way to do this, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box! For example, you can create a Christmas countdown to celebrate the festivities, shared daily on Facebook and Instagram. Each day, customers could win different prizes, such as cutlery sets, wireless charger, bags, and more. You can hit two birds with one stone – using the post to showcase your Christmas sales, while also promoting your business with branded promotional items. Win-win!


Fun in The Sun

Unlike our friends in the West, the Christmas season is full of sunny summer days here in New Zealand! Everyone is enjoying pool parties, festivals, and other outdoor events, which grants an opportunity for your business to gain maximum exposure. Take advantage of this season by having branded promotional items as the center of attraction at summer events! 


Summer-themed giveaways need to be appropriate for the sizzling temperatures, yet still serve a purposeful life. Cooler bags are perfect for a full day under the sun to keep your foods and beverages cool and fresh. Customised beach towel, AFL ball, and picnic sets are effective promotional items for both pool parties and beach getaways. Promotional sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balms, and hand sanitisers are fun yet undoubtedly useful for everyone, whether they are spending the day outside, chilling in the backyard, or simply getting out for a while on a sunny afternoon.


So, what are you waiting for? Get started today on your Holiday Season giveaway and get all the early-bird benefits while you can! Promote It has an entire range of branded promotional gifts that can be customised to suit your target audience and market, no matter the season. If you need help in developing or integrating a promotional products plan into your marketing strategy, be sure to contact us today on 09 917 1333 or for any inquiry about your promotional product needs.