Ways to Ensure that Promotional Products Help Make Employees Stay

Corporate Apparel Promotional Product

One of the major problems many organisations encounter is the struggles of keeping or retaining employees. Even with the continuous rising competition rate in the job market, keeping talented employees can be a considerably challenging task for many employers. These days, receiving a significant number in their paycheck may not be the only factor to keep them on anymore. Work environment, company culture, feeling valued and motivation in the workplace are just a few factors to consider and prepare for. 


Not sure where to start? Starting with something small and simple such as giving custom made promotional products to your employees would make a huge difference. Here we will be explaining factors that motivate employees to stay and discuss how promotional products can be effective tools to support these factors. 


Meaning and Purpose for Working

Many talented employees have their own personal goal to achieve which may vary among individuals. Some may want to improve their skills in order to become experts in that particular field. Others may look out for opportunities which will spark career growth or some may just want to feel recognised. Everyone has different needs and goals in life. However, regardless of what they desire, they all want to perform their work in some way that changes and influences their lives for the better. 

In most cases, the purpose for working is what encourages them to do the hard work, therefore it is crucial to know the employees’ purpose of working and what this job means to them so that you can assist in driving them towards their goals. Additionally, giving quality promotional products as a reward for their hard work can be, more or less, motivation for employees. It is something very simple that employers can do to thank them for their work. Not only that, but this can also increase productivity in the workplace as well as encourage a positive work environment. 


Recognised and Respected

This is another factor that has a significant impact on employees’ decision on whether they should stay or leave. Once employees are able to perform their task efficiently, the next thing they are looking for is appraisal from their executives so that they feel like their hard work is being recognised and appreciated. Many talented employees challenge themselves on new tasks every day and try their best to prove themselves. They are not afraid to put themselves out there to show their team or employer about what ideas they have. If you notice these kinds of people in your team or organisation and you choose to take them for granted, then that is your loss. 

Being recognised in what they do and feeling accepted and respected is one of the best motivators that drive them to work harder, which benefits both the organisation and themselves. The easiest way to try to make them feel valued and recognised is giving away custom corporate gifts. It is not extremely expensive but when given a gift from the executives, it shows that they are being recognised for their hard work. 


Building Teamwork Spirit

While some companies are focusing on individual performance, it is crucial not to overlook the positive impact they can gain from having great teamwork in the workplace. When one employee supports one another, this increases job satisfaction and the likeliness of job retention. When people work together rather than against one another, it is more likely that there will be less conflict in the workplace as they can cooperate with others, share ideas and work together to get the job done efficiently. More ideas will be shared and discussed, encouraging employees to become more open minded and better active listeners. With the focus area on working as a team, this also easily boosts the positive energy among employees, leading to the increase in productivity and improve the work culture of the company. 

The stronger the bond among the employees, the more likely that teamwork spirit is increased. Then promotional products can play a big role in this. As your employees are now proud and feel belong to the team and the company, these promotional products can act as one of the tools to support and encourage teamwork spirit. For example, offering everyone in the organization custom made T-shirts for them to wear casually or for a company trip. This shows that you cared and valued them as an important person of the company as well as made them feel welcomed and belonged to the team.


If you are looking to build a positive relationship with your employees, then build the positive work culture from the inside. At Promote It, we offer wide ranges of custom made office promotional products and brand promotional apparel to help create awareness of your brand. If you need assistance with your branding project or discover more of our products, call our friendly team on 09 9171 333, or enquire online