Reasons Why Promotional Products Work So Well for Businesses

Promotional Gifts

Promotional products have been utilised as a marketing tactic for years as it is a great way to satisfy the needs of your consumers whilst spreading brand awareness and heightening brand recall amongst those consumers. Discover the key reasons behind why promotional products are highly successful for businesses. 


Brand Awareness / Cost Effective Advertising 

Promotional products are a great cost effective alternative method to the more traditional routes of advertising, minus the hefty costs that tend to follow with it. Brand awareness describes how familiar your target market is with your brand and how successful they are in recognising it. Building a strong brand awareness is crucial for businesses, especially within our current society with how saturated the market is with the use of social media and online platforms. Brand awareness is what helps build that trust between the brand and the consumer. It can be difficult for consumers to distinguish which brand to conduct business with, especially with the amount of competitors that are available when purchasing online. If a consumer has heard of a brand before, they will be more likely to go with that brand. When businesses offer free promotional products, it is a great way for people to be introduced to a new brand, which opens up new audiences for the business to target. Traditional routes of advertising such as radio and television ads or text ads within print media tend to be very expensive yet don’t allow you to target audiences as precise as other new age methods can. Instead, why not create promotional products which allow you to submerge your business into new markets whilst also building a connection with these audiences as they will be receiving free products, and to continue with the positives, more often than not, you will be saving the business money in the long run. Create promotional products which you know will be of interest to your audience. In terms of distributing these products, you can either post them to certain geographical areas which suit your target market or, you can get representatives from your business and hand them out (local train stations to get those commuting, shopping centres, etc) which also comes with the added bonus of communicating and forming a bond with those people which will heighten that brand awareness and help to build a sense of trust. 


Customer Loyalty

Promotional products are a great incentive for customers and customer loyalty programs. Offering promotional gifts when a customer chooses to shop with your business or if they have achieved a new status within a loyalty scheme is a great way to keep customers engaged. Several ways in which businesses can optimise this area is by offering free branded tote bags or items such as drink bottles at purchase. Google is a great example of an organisation that uses promotional products within their loyalty program. Businesses that spend money on Google Ads can acquire points which allows them to shop at their google branded store. Consumers love this program as they are able to earn free products as an added bonus whilst conducting business as they usually would. It is also a big win for businesses as again, it works out as free advertising and generally will result in positive word of mouth association through the consumers using or wearing that branded item. 


Employee Incentives 

Rewarding your employees with promotional products is a great way to increase employee satisfaction and productivity levels. Although the idea of using promotional items as an employee incentive may not sound very satisfying, the options of what products you use is endless. Businesses can select products that are of interest to their employees. 


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