Guide to Selecting the Perfect Promotional items For Your Business. –Part 2



How to Select the Best Promotional Custom Apparel for Staff

Promotional gifts can be a way for employers and businesses to show their staff appreciation for their hard work. They can also help to foster team loyalty and even build camaraderie. However, in order to achieve all this, items have to be selected that staff members will genuinely appreciate.


There are a few considerations when giving corporate apparel to members of staff. Traditional corporate items and business garments may be good for uniforms and fit the brand image certain professions wish to present.

For example, if you wish to present with consistent corporate branding customising items like our District Jackets will make your staff look professional and consistent when presenting to specific clients.

District Jacket

However, you also have to consider that if you provide your staff with traditional corporate items they are only likely to wear these items at work, as well as potentially on the journey to and from work.

If you want company branded items to be worn outside of work, then you have to select items that are well suited to your employees’ lifestyles. Plain low-quality t-shirts are on the way out. For example, ideally, if you were producing a t-shirt that you want to produce t-shirts in a range of fits both fitted and regular, with different sizes to match the size that your employees will feel most comfortable in.



Combining Promotional Items with Business Events

I recently was talking to a company that had an example of a staff promotional product that came across extremely well, and all members of staff seemed to appreciate it. Near the start of the year, the company always organizes a team-building day where they put aside their regular tasks for half of the working day and perform team-building exercises and fun activities.

This year’s event had the theme of “Office Olympics.” The company designed printed t-shirts specifically for the event with two different team kits in two separate colours. The t-shirts were well designed, tasteful and still managed to prominently displayed the company logo.

Because staff members not only get the promotional item but also have the pleasant memory of the team building event, the t-shirts were much more appreciated and more likely to be worn again, despite being very inexpensive to produce.



Combining Promotional Items with Advertising Campaigns

Promotional items and products can be an incredible way to boost the visibility of an advertising campaign. The highly successful award-winning public service campaign “Dumb Ways To Die” created by the Australian advertising agency McCann Melbourne is a great example of how combining promotional products with traditional billboard advertising can further expand reach and awareness.

The “Dumb Ways to Die” Merchandise features the cute characters from the commercials killing themselves in amusing yet horrific accidents. This was a fantastic way to increase the number of impressions the campaign received, and the promotional products proved so popular that they continue to sell similar products in the online store.


Dumb ways to die Merch 

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