Tis The Season! Should You Send Your Clients Gifts?

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Exchanging gifts has become a hot topic as we approach the holiday season. This also applies to the working world. Many still question whether sending a gift to a client can or should be done. The answer is yes; however, the way you do it has to be conducted professionally. For your client, a small gift is a gentle reminder that you appreciate their business and value the opportunity to cooperate with them again. For business owners, gifts are a friendly way to tell people that your business is a good choice for them. Just be careful not to overwhelm the customers with blatant advertisements during their time. This article explains the intricacy of sending gifts to your client.

Identifying The Clients

The first thought that comes into mind when you are trying to send a gift is the person or group of people that will receive it. Identifying which clients you should send a gift to will make headway in your gifting process. You can start by looking at your own business. If your business is on a smaller scale with a few regular clients, it would be worth it for you to send gifts to all of them. However, if your business is on a larger scale, with many clients and vendors, you should avoid sending gifts to everyone. Although these two types of businesses have different ways of sending their gifts, there is one common similarity. For example, you should always send gifts to customers or vendors doing business with you regularly. This is crucial as sending a gift to a client who has done business with you just once from a long time ago would create confusion, and the loyal clients who have been supporting your company for years will feel cheated. Additionally, sending out gifts to everybody without filters will put a burden on your general costs.

Know Your Numbers

Holiday gifts are the perfect opportunity for gentle marketing but remember always to count your budget and avoid going overboard. The actual goal of sending gifts to your client is not to spend a hefty cost and buy expensive things for them, but it’s to spend as little as possible whilst making your clients feel appreciated. This is especially true if you are a small business owner, as sending expensive gifts for your small group of clients would send the wrong message and subsequently make them feel uncomfortable. So, how much you should spend depends on the size of your business, and using a logical and level-headed judgment will make sure the gifts you send will have its intended purpose.

Timing, Timing, and Timing

Many people seem to forget that the holidays are a time of leisure and having fun and the perfect time to spend with loved ones. You wouldn’t want to send a gift that ended up interrupting your clients’ time. The most appropriate time to send a gift is at the very beginning of the season, near the end of November when the Christmas festivities have just begun. Sending gifts too close to Christmas or during their vacation will make them feel like their personal time is being intruded on and they will think that your business is unprofessional. Thus, searching and selecting the best timing for sending gifts to your client will make your client feel at ease.

The Gift

The formula for selecting what kind of gift to send to your clients doesn’t exist. That means you can be as creative as you want, as long as the gift sits perfectly between too personal and business-like. You are indeed sending a warm holiday gift to show that you care about them, but this is still a business relationship. The perfect combination is the one that has the balance between a creative yet appropriate gift. Some of those combinations could be holiday treats, branded company mugs, or even quality stationeries. So don’t overthink when it comes to selecting gifts and make sure it’s thoughtful and appropriate.

In Conclusion

Sending gifts to your client is not an obligation. However, it will boost your relationship with them, and ultimately raise your business to greater heights.

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