The Best Promotional Items to Give Away as Freebies

Promotional Gifts

Customers love freebies, there is no denying that. Free promotional products are a great way for a business to advertise their brand whilst also rewarding their loyal customers, keeping them satisfied. Whilst most companies tend to opt for the more traditional route of giving away company branded pens, keychains or diaries,  it is time for businesses to stand out from the crowd and create customised promotional products that actually spark consumer interest.



Pretty simple, but who doesn’t love a free gift. The best promotional items are ones that are not only free, but also provide a useful benefit to the consumer so that they are constantly appreciative for that item. If this is the case, it will allow the consumer to constantly think about your brand in a positive light and will allow them to recall your brand time and time again. Not only that, but according to The New York Times, promotional products can increase the response rate of prospective customers by up to 17 percent. To ensure that you are getting your values worth out of giving away free products, it is important to conduct research and ensure that the product attracts the attention and interest of your consumer.


Promotional Products

When choosing your promotional products, be mindful of whether this product will be given out during a particular season or will it be used all year round? Items such as an umbrella or beanie would be more valuable and appreciated by customers if received during Winter rather than during Summer, as they will have no current use for that item. If you would prefer to have an item that is given out on a yearly basis, try and opt for a product that can be used all year round, such as a portable phone charger. Go one step further and really stand out amongst your competitors by choosing a promotional product that is unique and quirky. It will create an element of fun and will heighten the chances of them sharing that product with their own community as a topic of discussion (which works out as great word of mouth for you).


Candle / Reed Diffusers

Receiving a candle or reed diffuser is such a nice gift, as it is something that people tend to not usually buy for themselves since it is not used for a specific reason other than to make your home smell nice. It adds a warming, personalised touch as they will associate the smell from the diffuser with your brand so it really is a win-win for both parties.

Flask Drink Bottle

Flasks are often over-done, that’s why you need to get a flask that serves as a drink bottle too as it will provide benefits all year round (cold during summer, hot during winter).

Travel Blanket & Pillow

Picnic blanket and pillow all in one! Folds away into nothing, so it is easy to store yet has the added feature of a pillow which may come in handy next time your customers are out relaxing and may want to lay down.

Phone Wallet

Not only is a phone wallet small and easy to gift, but it is also very handy for the consumer. Most of us don’t part with our phones, so by having your branding plastered on the back of peoples phones, works out as great advertising and will help to improve brand recall for that consumer as well as brand awareness for those around.

Kitchen Measuring Spoons & Cups

Yet again, another great practical gift. Before selecting this item for your personalised merchandise, research into the demographics of your consumer and whether they are likely to be cooking in the first place. If your audience is teenagers, living at home, they most likely will not have interest


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