Using Branded Merchandise to Get Your Business Noticed

Branded Gifts Essential Needs

Branded merchandise has been long known to serve as an effective means of connecting with customers. Its benefits are well-known, which includes raising awareness and keeping your brand on top-of-mind. Large corporations are especially well-known for giving away personalised merchandise.

If you want to get your business noticed using branded merchandise, here are some smart ways to do so.


Essential Items Works Best

Upon selecting a promotional product, think about an essential need you’re aiming to solve. The best gifts should have a use outside of just promoting your brand. In addition, part of the power of promotional products lies in their ability to spread brand awareness beyond the receiver of the merchandise. Smart marketers will choose essential items that have the potential of being used frequently in high traffic places, thus attracting a lot of different eyeballs to their branded giveaways. 

In the age of Covid-19, everyone is concerned about keeping their belongings clean and disinfected as often as possible. However, it is not always possible to sanitize our items at all times, especially when we are in public places, such as coffee shops, public transport, and offices. Some brands have started to give out UV Sanitizing Boxes with a built-in wireless charger, which can effectively clean our electronic devices, keys, earbuds, etc while also charging any Qi-enabled devices at the same time. The box is convenient to use, highly portable, and very relevant to the current situation, and thus it is a safe bet that your merchandise is likely to be used in public and attract other people to your brand.


Catch Up with Recent Trends

To make sure that your corporate branded items are never out of style, remember to prioritize functionality and usefulness over colour and aesthetics. Consider products that are highly sought-after at the moment. What is that one product everyone is rushing to the store to get? What products should we have on our radar for 2021? Conduct a little research and dig deeper into your buyer personas to truly understand what they want and need. 

More and more people are becoming aware of their own health and wellness. In 2021, digital fitness is expected to boom, as more gyms and fitness classes will be offered online rather than at the gym. As such, items that encourage healthier living from the comfort of one’s own home will be highly sought-after. If you want to target this market, you can consider yoga mats, fitness trackers, and resistance bands for your branded promotional products. On the other hand, steer clear of travel-related items, such as passport cover and luggage tag, as they are not very useful at the moment given international traveling restrictions.


Tech-Related Products

The best promotional products are all about usefulness, and tech giveaways are some of the most useful promotional products you can get. Think about it this way – the main goal of branded giveaways is to increase brand exposure, and one way to achieve that is by giving quality products that people will use on a daily basis. Quality promotional products that are useful, valuable, and long-lasting are more likely to be used frequently, thus increasing your brand exposure. 

For instance, many companies are transitioning from the typical office setting to work-from-home. As home and work-life clash together, people will be looking for items that help them to separate the two, such as noise-canceling earbuds. Moreover, no one wants to be tied down with wires and chargers while in the middle of a video call, thus fueling the need for more workspace flexibility. A wireless charger, desk fan/humidifier, cord keeper, desk vacuum, and wireless earphones are all great examples of tech products that are highly useful, thus able to make remote working easier for remote workers.


Final Words

Marketing is all about human behaviour, that’s why branded merchandise works: it provokes reciprocation from customer to us. When choosing branded merchandise, find essential, useful, and up-to-date products that work best for your company. It will help you to raise brand awareness, support your company culture, and connect with your target audience based on their needs.

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