4 Ways to Make Sure Your Giveaway Doesn’t Become a Throwaway

Garbage bag

Promotional products are one of the most effective marketing strategies your company can easily adopt, they include a range of creative products with your company’s logo on them, allowing you to build your brand awareness and be set apart from competitors. There is currently a wide range of promotional products available in the market, ranging from accessories, apparel, stationary, bags, drinkware, technology and more.

Your promotional giveaway will only be effective for your brand if it is not thrown away by the recipients. Here are 5 ways you can ensure your promotional giveaways are not thrown away:


  1.     Understand your target market and give them what they want

There is no point in giving out promotional products that your target audience won’t find useful, it beats the purpose. With your target audience being your core customers, you need to understand what it is they want and what they will value from you as a promotional product. Consider what value you currently provide to your customers and how a promotional product can fit within that value. For example, if you are a retail company your audience might find promotional reusable bags very useful, or if you are a gym your audience will find promotional reusable drink bottles useful.

Your promotional products will need to be associated with your brand, otherwise, recipients will be rather confused if it is not in line. Utility is considered as the best trait for your promotional products, if you cannot picture your target audience using or benefitting from the product than its likely to be thrown away or used by irrelevant recipients. Promotional products based on the buying habits of your target audience will increase the likelihood of its effectiveness and reduce the risk of it being thrown away.


  1.     Ensure the promotional product is high quality

Ensuring your promotional products are of high quality is your second priority after making it useful to your target audience. If a promotional product is useful to recipients it will still be thrown out if it is not a high quality product. Low quality promotional products are likely to break quickly and be thrown away as a result. If your promotional product is considered ‘cheap’ it will further associate your company as ‘cheap’, and vice versa if they are of high quality. So, ensure your promotional products are high quality with the potential to last a long duration of time to avoid them being thrown away. 


  1.     Environmental Value

As a brand you need to ensure that you take responsibility and always support eco-friendly green practices. With the growing global warming concern, many consumers will not support your brands promotional products if they are not sustainable and environmentally friendly. If a recipient receives your promotional product that does not satisfy their environmental friendly standard then they are likely to dispose of it immediately. Ensuring your promotional product is kept out of landfill will require it to be completely eco-friendly, so simply placing a ‘recyclable’ sticker on it is not enough. If your promotional products are not eco-friendly, recipients will associate it negatively with your brand, so make your promotional product count towards sustainability or don’t make it at all.


  1.     Less is more

With the growing concern of landfill impacting global warming, consider less is more when you’re giving out promotional products. Whether that be you make less promotional items, invest in expensive promotional items rather than a variety of small/cheap ones, or simply be more selective with who receives your promotional items. Research finds that scarcity increases an object’s desirability, so becoming selective with your recipients will add value to the promotional product itself. You could also consider investing in promotional collectables or limited editions, as these require less product scales while generating a more desired response.


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