The Ultimate School Leavers Gift Guide

School Leavers Gift

Selecting the right school leavers gift is important as it will become the perfect memento of a student’s school journey. The gift will allow students to move on from such a significant part of their lives whilst wearing / using the gift as a souvenir to remind them of their schooling years. School Leavers gear is something you will cherish for many years to come which is why we have chosen the best quality and on trend items. Take a look at our ultimate school leavers gift guide and determine which gift best suits your school and graduates.

Traditional Gifts 

Traditionally, an item of clothing is the go-to school leavers gift that the school and student committee will decide upon for the graduating year level. The most popular clothing items include Rugby Jerseys, Crew Jumpers, Letterman Jackets and Hoodies. Whilst each of these options are relatively similar, they do vary in terms of the style and fit. Generally the student committee will conduct a vote amongst the year level to gain insights on what the graduates will prefer to receive as this assists in eliminating any doubt. 

Leavers Vest Jerseys, Leavers Track Pants, Leavers Tees & Singlets as well as Leavers Hats are also popular options. Perhaps the school is more sports orientated? If this is the case, it may be useful looking into organising a Leaver Sublimation gift. 

Essentially, anything that can be worn is a safe option when deciding upon the school leavers gift. However, it is important to be mindful of sizing (especially if the school is uni-sex). Look for clothing items that are uni-sex or have general sizing to ensure that everyone will be able to successfully select their size to avoid any issues later on down the track. To avoid sizing issues, the best practice is to have a period of time where those receiving the gift can try on the item of clothing and determine their correct size before the gift is purchased. Promote It will send out samples to your school (free of charge) to ensure that every student feels comfortable with their sizing choice. 

New Trends / Gift Ideas 

Wanting to scratch the traditional gift ideas and opt for something more modern? At the end of the day, it is a new decade and new year after all, so why not! We have noticed a trend amongst school leavers gifts and that is that schools are letting go with the conventional options and instead are selecting gifts that are of interest to that particular year level.  And why not?! By choosing a gift that you know the graduates will actually use and love is a safe option and will ensure that the school is obtaining maximum value out of that expense. 

As the future becomes increasingly wireless, gifting technology is a great option due to the practicality benefits. School leaver bags and drink bottles are great options too as they can be stylish yet extremely practical. An added benefit of straying from the traditional gift ideas and opting for something a little more modern is the fact that with the ideas we have just listed, you don’t need to obtain sizing requirements. 

Choose a gift that you know the graduates will actually use and love. Or perhaps instead the school is wanting to be extra generous by gifting an additional smaller gift (such as these new trend items) with the more traditional gift of a jersey jumper or jacket? Now that is a school leavers gift that the graduates surely won’t forget! 

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