6 Simple Ways to Start Getting Fitter

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By now, most people would agree that being physically fit is an important part of living the best life you could have. Multiple studies have shown that there is an association between a high fitness level and a reduced risk for premature death from any cause and from cardiovascular diseases in both men and women. A negative correlation applies to that association, as the higher the fitness level, the lower the risk of premature death will be. 

However, being fit brings many more benefits, such as increased levels of confidence, improvement in memory, and stress reduction. With that being said, taking the first step towards a fitter lifestyle can be challenging to say the least, which is why this article will provide six simple ways to do so. 

Start with ‘Why?’ 

Dig deep into your thoughts and ask yourself why is it important for you, personally, to get fit? As mentioned before, although there are multiple good reasons to be physically fit, not any or all of them may resonate with you. Find out what’s important to you and how getting fit can push you closer to that goal. For instance, a personal reason could be that you want to impress a crush or that you’d like to prevent diabetes from continuing down the family line. It could be anything as long as it is important enough for you to remember it through the ups and downs of the fitness journey. 

Change Small Habits First

One of the most common mistakes is to jump straight into five or six fitness classes per week or cut a huge amount of calories from the daily intake. Going too hard too soon can be more detrimental than beneficial, as it would be harder to sustain and could potentially lead to a behavioural rebound in the future. Start altering small habits instead, such as drinking more water, eating more vegetables, increasing protein intake, going to fitness classes at least twice a week, and many more. Discover what you enjoy doing and start working on it bit by bit. 

Find a Support System 

Everybody needs somebody to support them when things get challenging. The fitness journey won’t always be smooth sailing, as there can be external and internal hurdles that may come your way. Having at least one person to cheer you on when it’s easier to give up can change your journey for the better. For starters, find a good gym or fitness centre with a strong community of people that you can relate to. From there, try to find one or two people that you can connect with and can embark on the fitness journey together with you. 

Listen to the Body 

It’s far too common to push the body even when it needs rest, which is why recovery days are huge parts of a long and fruitful fitness journey. Contrastingly, too much rest could also put your goals on hold, as the body still needs sufficient stimuli to grow and improve. Be mindful when it comes to what the body is capable of doing on a particular day. For instance, if the muscles have been sore for several days, it may be best to just take a day off and stretch instead. 

Enjoy Yourself 

There are dozens of types of sports and fitness classes, find one or a handful that you enjoy. Not everyone is going to love doing every type of sport, which is why it would be a good idea to discover what you enjoy and then stick with it. For instance, some people enjoy yoga better than weightlifting or archery. 

Wear Good Outfits to Lift the Mood

There are days when there’s nothing anyone could say that would get you out of the bed and into the gym. However, wearing an outfit that brings you comfort and confidence may just level up your mood and motivate you to move. Experiment with different styles and sweat-wicking materials that encourages you to sweat and get it done. 

What’s Next 

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