6 Tips to Level Up Children’s Birthday Parties

photo of a kid at a birthday party for Promote It NZ blog

For many kids, having their birthdays celebrated with friends and families is dream come true. However, for parents, organising the nits and bits of a birthday party can be stressful, to say the least. From preparing party food in advance, sending out invitations, researching party games, decorating the venue, hosting guests, to cleaning up after all the mess, being parents in the birthday season is no easy task. 

Lucky for you, Promote It NZ has got six tips that you can try out to level up your children’s birthday parties. 

Do the Budget Calculations 

When you’re caught up in the middle of all birthday party preparations, it’s easy to lose sight of the designated budget. This is exactly why the first thing you need to do is to calculate a rough estimate of your budget and stick with it throughout the planning process. If something does not fit your budget, then consider finding a cheaper alternative, or even excluding the item(s) altogether. 

For instance, if your ideal venue is way out of the budget, then consider hosting the party at home, or renting an Airbnb villa. Better yet, host a virtual birthday party for your kids and their friends. Yes, they may not be exactly as fun as a face-to-face party, but they’re better than no party at all. With the pandemic shifting our daily lives from offline to online, virtual parties are no longer seen as outliers. 

Decide on a Theme

After budgeting and before shopping for any items, it’s key to understand the overarching concept or theme of the party. This will act as a guide when making decisions on gift bags, venue decoration, costumes, invitation designs, and many others. Some of the most common party themes include mermaids, princesses, Mickey Mouse, Ghostbusters, dinosaurs, and many others. Finding inspiration is as easy as one two three, with everything being online! 

Define a Start and End Time 

Especially with kids under eight years of age, their attention spans would probably not allow for more than 90 to 120 minutes of activities and entertainment, which will lead to cranky kids and tired parents. Other than that, having an end time will allow your guests to schedule other appointments outside of the designated party time, which will be highly appreciated. 

Choose the Right Entertainment

Other than birthday cakes, snacks, decorations, venues, and costumes, selecting and booking the right entertainment that fits the party theme is crucial. This can be as simple as booking a dinosaur costumed performer if the party is dinosaur-themed. In general, clowns can fit into most party themes, however, keep in mind that some kids experience coulrophobia, which means that they fear clowns. Make sure ahead of time that no attendees experience coulrophobia. 

Prepare Presents 

For the birthday kid, opening presents can be the highlight of the day, which is why you need to make sure that the presents you’re getting for them are somewhat similar to what they want. If the plan is to open the presents in front of all the attendees, the birthday kid needs to be coached beforehand on how to control their expressions for when they dislike the presents. 

Take Heaps of Photos and Videos 

Although you may find that organising kids’ birthday parties is hectic and you’d like them to be over, years from now, it can be a memorable experience to cherish. This is where pictures and videos come in, they help commemorate the party for years to come. If you think the day is going to be very hectic for you to take pictures and videos yourself, then maybe assign the task to a relative, friend, or maybe find it in the budget to hire a professional. 

What’s Next?

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