7 Most Effective Branded Promotional Products

According to a 2016 study from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), most recipients of promotional products will keep them for eight months on average. The length of time a person will keep a promotional product is dependent on the item, for example, umbrellas lasting for an average of 14 months while hats will be kept for just seven months.  This effectively means your business’ logo is sitting on that person’s desk, in their car, or in their home for a significant period of time, and as such, they are exposed to brand for a much longer period of time than other forms of advertising, such as a PPC ad or a pop-up on a website.

The study also found that 64% of promotional products will be passed on to others who will use them once the original recipient is finished with them, which further increases brand reach. In addition, most people who receive promotional products from a business are more likely to have a positive impression of that company.

Promotional products give businesses the opportunity to promote their brand to relevant audiences, so that more people see the brand, have positive associations towards the brand, and can recall the brand in future. All of these things add up to increased results that benefit the business’ bottom line.

The following are some of the most popular corporate branded items, based on findings from the ASI report mentioned above, that may be used as promotional products for businesses.

1. Face masks

While face masks are no longer mandatory in many parts of the world, the global pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in mask wearing that is likely to continue for some time into the future. Businesses offering branded facemasks to their customers get extra brand exposure, extending not only to the recipient of the mask, but also to all of the people that come in contact with them. Some companies have capitalised on this even further by encouraging their customers to post a selfie wearing their branded mask on social media.

2. Pens

A pen is an item that is used daily by most people, particularly at work, which makes it an ideal promotional product for customers. Branded pens are relatively inexpensive to produce, and in average, people will keep them for nine months.

3. Calendars & Diaries

While there are a range of digital calendars available for people to keep track of their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, many still prefer paper calendars. As promotional items, calendars and diaries have the additional benefit that they are used every day for an entire year, which puts your business branding in front of the audience for a whole 12 months.

4. Desk Tidies

Branded desk tidies help employees keep their desk organised, and once they have found their place on a desk, they are likely to stay there for over a year. Branded desk tidies are ideal for internal branding to new and existing employees and can be included in part of a company’s ‘welcome pack’ or throughout communal areas in the office to help keep things organised.

5. Drinkware

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and almost half (46%) will have more positive associations with a brand that gives them an environmentally friendly product. Branded drinkware is a top promotional item. Reusable cups and bottles are ideal for this as they help reduce waste compared to disposable options.

6. USB drives

USB drives are still popular with business professionals, despite the ever-growing use of cloud storage. USB drives are small and easy to store, and also provide access to data at all times, even if when there is no internet access. Consider handing out USB drives to customers and prospects that are pre-loaded with company information and marketing materials.

7. Bags

Tote bags are an effective option for increasing brand awareness, as they reach an average of 3,300 viewers. Retailers can give branded bags out for free with a purchase over a certain amount, or sell them to customers. To increase brand loyalty, businesses may also offer a future discount every time they shop with the bag.

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