8 Reasons You Need Branding For Your Business

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Tossing up whether to invest in that schmick logo or those company branded promotional items? Not yet convinced of the point of branding and marketing your business? Perhaps this blog post will change your mind!

Branding is an essential element of getting any business off the ground. Your brand summarises your company’s service, advertising, logo and reputation in the minds of potential customers and partners. When these components are working well together, you have a strong brand for your business. But why is your brand important in the first place, and why should you invest in it?

  1. Branding improves recognition. One of the most important functions of branding is that it improves recognition among potential customers. Your logo is a major component of this, as it is essentially the face of your business that customers will recognise.  Because of this, it’s well worth investing in a professional logo which is both easy to remember but also impactful. Other things like sticking to a consistent colour scheme and font will also improve recognition.
  2. Branding sets you apart. On a similar note, branding can also help you set yourself apart from the competition. Branding ensures your cafe stands out from all the others on the bustling main strip, or that your online ads are remembered amidst the countless other ads vying for space on your screen. With effective branding, you can make sure customers are drawn to you instead of the myriad of other options.
  3. Branding develops trust. Just like people are reluctant to trust online profiles without a display picture, people will also be unwilling to trust a shabby looking company. Your new logo should be on your website, business cards, staff uniforms and outside the building to tell customers that you’ve got it together. When your tradesmen drive around town in branded vehicles and your staff don your uniform on your lunch break, you also make sure you are seen by as many people as possible.
  4. Branding allows for better advertising. How are your advertising efforts going to be effective if you don’t have a strong brand? Your advertising will help you build your brand, with your logo, tone and quality being reinforced in the process. Just make sure your branding is consistent across all channels to really drive in the message.
  5. Branding motivates employees. In order to keep morale high, employees need to feel a sense of belonging and togetherness. By reinforcing the mission of your business, they are more likely to be driven to work towards the same goals. Knowing that they are working for a reputable brand is also likely to keep staff in high spirits. A branded office is a fantastic way of reinforcing the message, as well as branded stationery, coffee mugs and other office supplies. A strong brand gives the whole company something to rally around, effectively turning your logo into a flag.
  6. Branding increases your business value. Branding helps to generate future business, with potential investors and partners being drawn to your company when it has a strong brand. A strongly established brand will have more industry leverage, making your business a tantalising investment opportunity.
  7. Branding draws in new customers. By developing a strong brand, you set yourself up for some fantastic word-of-mouth referrals. If people can easily remember your brand (and they have a great experience with you!) they’ll be sure to tell everyone. Better yet, gain top-of-mind awareness by establishing your business as an industry leader with a strong brand.
  8. Branding keeps you focused. When you’re just starting out, it can be very easy to bounce from idea to idea. While this is exciting, it’s also a sure fire way to deviate from your original goals and plans. By devising a clear brand strategy, you can make sure you stay laser focused on your mission. This can help you better guide your marketing efforts and be strategic about everything you do.

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