Make an Impression With Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Eco-friendly promotional product - Water

The environment has changed rapidly over the past years, and environmentally friendly promotional products have become sought-after products on the market. Eco-friendly products are great for making an impression and showing your concern about the environment. There are hundreds of these products on the market, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding the products that you want for promoting your business.

But what exactly are eco-friendly products? Environmentally friendly products are crafted from materials that have minimal or no harm upon ecosystems or the environment. An example of this is a jute cloth tote bag. If you would accidentally leave or drop your tote outdoors, it wouldn’t do any harm to the environment since it is a natural substance. By using a tote of this kind, you are also helping the environment because you are cutting down on the resources used to produce the product.

Other environmentally friendly products are made from e.g. recycled plastic water bottles or recycled paper. Some examples of eco-friendly products are reusable bags, reusable cups, reusable straws, and reusable water bottles.

Eco Promotional Products during Travels

We humans are slowly destroying our planet. There are many things that we do that harm the environment. Flying for example, has a huge negative effect on the environment. However, you can still make eco-friendly choices while you are on holiday.

The easiest way of saving the environment is to bring a reusable water bottle on your vacations. Most airports have water refill stations where you can fill up your bottle once you’re through the security. Nowadays, it is also common to find these stations in the big cities, parks, hotels, and in national parks.

Other must-haves for vacations are reusable bags. They are very compact and easy to bring everywhere you go. Perfect for when you are travelling as you can use it for shopping or as a beach bag. Many cities and countries have banned plastic bags or have introduced taxes on them. Having a reusable bag would therefore save both the environment and the cutomer’s money. A reusable bag would be a great product for promoting your business as it can be carried around everywhere – in town, at the gym, on the beach, in the supermarket, and many other places.

Here are some other promotional products that can be used to save the environment by cutting down on plastic consumption:

  • Reusable lunch containers. By bringing leftovers in a reusable lunch container, you will reduce both the waste of food and the waste of plastic.
  • Reusable coffee mugs. Many coffee shops actually give people a discount when they bring their own mugs to the coffee shop. Many people drink at least one coffee every day. By giving away a reusable coffee mug, your brand will most likely be seen on many different places, such as cafes, offices, trains etc.
  • Reusable produce bags. When buying a lot of fruit or vegetables, it is easier to carry them in a bag. This is where reusable produce bags come in handy. Some of these bags even claim to keep the fruit fresh longer.

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