9 Ways to Make Your Next Corporate Exhibit a Success

 The success of a corporate exhibition or event depends on a number of factors, such as the design or your stand, the way employees interact with attendees on the show floor, the giveaways that you offer, and the attendee’s overall experience at the stand.

Introducing new ideas and creating interaction at the stand are key to succeeding with your next corporate exhibit. The following are 9 more ways to ensure attendees and potential clients engage with your team and business.

1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Much of the success of an event is dependent on the preparation beforehand. Send out invites in advance, promote the event through email and social channels, and try to encourage prospects to book in appointments with employees in advance. By promoting the event in this way, you will spread the word and get prospects interested in your offerings and excited at the prospect of meeting business representatives face to face to find out more.

2. Plan Your Perfect Stand

It’s important to ensure your stand is eye catching in the exhibition hall. Plan the design of stand in advance, ensuring it appropriately represents your brand and its visuals. Consider what you can add to the space to attract attendees, for example, a space with sofas and bean bags where they can relax throughout the day.

3. Invent an Experience

Companies are becoming more and more creative when it comes to creating experiences to share with attendees at their exhibition stand. Stand design can only do so much. In order to entice attendees to your stand, it’s important to develop an experience that catches their attention. For example, a virtual reality experience is ideal for creating a buzz around your stand.

4. Get Social

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of promoting your event on social channels before it begins. However, don’t forget to post to your social media accounts with updates from the event itself.  Have an employee at the event managing your social media, connecting with attendees, and tagging people in your account. It can also be effective to create a hashtag and encourage attendees to post to their own channels with your hashtag, for example through setting up a photo booth at your stand.

5. Engage Attendees

Attracting someone to your stand is only the first step. Once they are there, it’s important to quickly engage with them. Games and competitions can be a great way to start up a conversation in a non-pushy way. Once you have them chatting informally, it’s easier to introduce your business offerings in a way that doesn’t seem salesy.

6. Get Technical

Technology can be used by companies to get the attention of attendees. Set up large LED screens at your stand or use touch screen devices to demonstrate features of your products and services. Companies should also consider offering their own fast and reliable Wi-Fi at the stand, so attendees don’t have to trust the venue’s Wi-Fi. Add a lead capture form to the sign in process for a means of contacting them after the event.

7. Demonstrate Your Expertise

Contact the event organisers in advance to find out if it is possible to conduct a demonstration or workshop for attendees. This is the perfect opportunity to promote your expertise and position yourself as an industry expert. Attendees are also more likely to come over to look at your stand after they have seen you present.

8. Bring Your Most Effective Employees

It is vital to choose the right employees to be at your stand at the exhibition. Your employees are acting as the face of your brand, and it is their role to represent your brand vision and values. Consider your goals for the exhibition and choose employees based on this to ensure they bring the most value to your experience at the exhibition.

9. Choose the Perfect Giveaway

Giveaways are a great incentive to draw people to a business’ stand. Get creative and think of an item that they will love!  At Promote It, we offer a huge range of company branded promotional items to. We provide high quality promotional products Auckland that are ideal for exhibitions and trade shows. Some of the items that we provide include custom logo merchandise and custom corporate gifts sets.


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