How to Enhance Your Rebranding Process with Promotional Merchandise

Rebranding is an exciting time for a business, where the organisation develops for the better and opens up the possibility of scaled growth. An organisation may decide to rebrand for a number of reasons, such as market repositioning, damage mitigation, breaking into international markets, brand differentiation or development, or as a result of a new CEO or business owner. While rebranding is an exciting process that often has numerous business benefits, it’s important to be aware that there is a risk associated with rebranding and rebranding should be done for the right reasons.

Promotional merchandise is key to any successful rebranding process as it provides stakeholders with a tangible reminder of your updated brand that reinforces your new brand and brand story. As promotional items are a representation of your new brand, it is important that they position your brand in the light you intended, and as such, should be carefully considered and chosen.

Why Promotional Products are Key in the Rebranding Process

Letting stakeholders know about your new logo and brand values is key to a successful rebrand. It’s also important to ensure customers are aware of your new brand so that they don’t end up going somewhere else as they don’t recognise your new brand.

Giving out merchandise with your new logo and brand identity is one of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure they are familiarised. It also helps with marketing your brand, supports the brand story, and gets stakeholders to engage with your new brand.  The following are some ways merchandise can be used to enhance the branding process.

  • Impress at the launch event – Having a new range of merchandise to hand out to launch event attendees range instantly create a brand connection and makes the event more memorable. It is also great for getting attention on social media through shares.
  • Create buzz–  Promotional products are so effective as everyone gets excited when they receiving gifts and free things.
  • Inform and delight – Promotional products have two key benefits: display your new logo and tagline, and giving your recipient something that they will use.
  • Tell a story– Rebranding is a difficult process. Using promotional merchandise can support the story and enhance the brand.

How to Choose the Right Items for your Rebrand?

Choosing the right products is key in the rebranding process and promotional products should fit into your new persona and brand identity. The following are some considerations to take into account when choosing promotional merchandise.

  • Does it match the new colour pallet and styling– Colour and styling plays a significant role in brand identification and perception. If rebranding involves changing the colours or styles of the logo, it is important to ensure the promotional merchandise incorporates this new style.
  • Does it match the desired brand position – In many cases, the purpose of a rebrand is to re-establish a company’s position in the market under a new niche or segment. It is important that the promotional products that are chosen help to tell that story.
  • Can it include a CTA? – Many businesses will not include a CTA on their promotional products, however, it is always a good idea to tell customers what you want them to do, for example, follow the business on social media or check out the new website.
  • Is there space to it include the tagline? – Depending upon the product you have chosen, it may be worth considering adding your tagline. Ensure there is enough space, as you don’t want it to be too crowded and detract attention from the logo.
  • Will customers like it?– Promotional products are a key part of the rebranding story, and having products that delight the recipient will reinforce a positive image of your brand.

If your organisation has recently rebranded or is thinking about doing one, remember that using promotional merchandise is a guaranteed way to help with the success of the project.

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