How Branded Company Wear Boosts Company Morale

How can you save money, encourage your employees to work harder, and advertise your brand outside of the office?

Order some branded company wear with your logo or slogan. Whether you are giving away polos or everyone on the team is pitching in to buy beanies, branded company wear can boost morale and foster a positive company culture that spreads out of the office. A positive corporate culture doesn’t just make the work week go by faster; it saves your company money in the long run. Studies show that companies with satisfied employees and a positive corporate culture do 20% better than their competitors. Conversely, unhappy employees cost businesses in America over $300 billion annually.

Set aside time and resources to buy your employees some promotional shirts, jackets, or accessories this quarter, and see all of the following benefits play out throughout your office.

Matching Outfits Give Team Members Something in Common

Employee uniforms aren’t met with a positive response, but branded company wear is. Even if your team members are just wearing outfits with an identical company logo, the team will look more cohesive. Larger teams may not have many opportunities to bond or introduce themselves, but a matching outfit will give team members the chance to say hello and familiarize themselves with other employees who they may not sit next to or work with on a daily basis.

Ordering Company Wear Gives Team Members a Fun Project

Bring employees together by putting them in charge of ordering the company wear. A small committee can reach out to the team and find out what type of clothing to order. If you strategically give these responsibilities to team members who are new to the team or need an extra boost of encouragement, you can make a big difference in their performance in the office.

Unique Promotional Items Enforces Your Brand

How do you communicate corporate culture?

Customise promotional items to reflect corporate culture and your overall brand. Do you encourage employees to be funky or quirky? Offer more quirky colors or promotional items. Do you want your employees to look and feel smart at meetings? Encourage them to wear a branded polo or sports jacket that brandishes your logo. Clothes make a statement; take the opportunity to make a positive one that reflects your brand.  

Promotional items can also communicate your brand outside of the office. The more stuff you give away to employees, the more likely it will be seen by the employee’s friends, family, and peers. If someone recognizes your brand, even from an old friend’s jacket, they will be more likely to trust and want to learn more about your brand. Spread the word about how great your brand is through branded company wear.

Giving Out Company Wear Shows Employees That You Care

If you are buying promotional items for your staff, you will boost morale quickly. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Offer these items as a gesture of appreciation. Staff will feel more valuable if they have a physical item that represents your gratitude.

Branded Company Wear Can Be Used as Rewards and Incentives

Want to motivate your team members? Offer up a free hoodie, shirt, or other desirable promotional item that will encourage employees to put extra effort into their work. Friendly contests are a fun way to build camaraderie among staff and get people talking. Use leftover company wear or promotional items as the prize – you can get more out of your team for no additional costs!

Help Employees Remember Positive Events

Company wear doesn’t have to be generic. Order a set of tshirts or hats from an event. Give the item away at the event to keep the memory of the time in your team’s mind. These items can help employees start a conversation amongst themselves and their networks about the fun that you all had or the high-quality work you produced at the event.

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