How to promote your promotional products

Promotional products are a great way to advertise your business because they are usually kept for a long time, and they leave a good impression of your brand. This increase the chances the recipients will purchase from you. Promotional products are often given away at trade shows and events, but here is a thought; why just use your promotional products as giveaways at different events? When you invest in these products, you want to make the most out of them. Having promotional products is a great way to boost your brand awareness, but there are also many ways to advertise these products.


If you have a store, one way to promote your promotional products is to display them in the store. This will make customers notice the product, and maybe even ask how to get the item. You shouldn’t wait for special events to hand out the products, hand them out daily. You can for example put up a sign in the store, encouraging the customers to ask how they can get the item, or you can post a sign where you advertise a free gift with every purchase. This is a good way to boost your average sales totals.


You can also promote your promotional products on your website. Some examples on how to advertise something for free on your website is to say that the customer gets a free gift for signing up on a mailing list, for answering a survey, or with a minimum purchase.

Hand out goodie bags

You can promote your business locally by handing out goodie bags to target audiences or other businesses in the area. You can even give them to some friends for some great word-of-mouth marketing.

Print a coupon on your promotional products

A great way to get people to save your promotional product is to give the product a feature that makes the product worth saving. You can for example print a code or a coupon on your product. The code/coupon can then be used when purchasing something from your website. This would make the product both useful and memorable. If you set up the coupon so that it can be reused, then it is more likely that the user will keep the product for a longer period of time.

Social Media

In pretty much every business, social media is a big component when it comes to communication with current and potential customers. Combining promotional products and social media platforms is a great way to promote your products. Take pictures of the promotional items and upload the images on your social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Another way to boost your promotional products through social media is to invite your followers to incorporate your branded products in their posts by offering a prize, or the product, for their involvement. This is ideal for two things – your promotional products are being used and you will gain social media visibility. You can also identify social media influencers in your industry and approach them about how they could incorporate your products into their social media content.

Marketing Materials

By featuring your promotional products in your marketing materials, you can both increase sales and give away more gifts. Place a small picture of the gift, for example a portable Bluetooth speaker, in the brochure along with details on how to get the product. The customer might for example have to buy a phone, a TV, or a full-sized speaker to get the portable speaker.

No matter what kind of promotion product you are handing out, you can always promote it in one way or another. You just have to decide which promotional method or methods that suits your company best. At Promote it, we have thousands of promotional products and apparel, and we have things in all categories. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then please contact us as we are masters of sourcing products from leftfield. If you want to talk to us about one of our products, a promotion or have a general enquiry, we would love to hear from you. With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, we can ensure that we provide exceptional service at a great value.