How To Choose Stationery Promotional Item

promotional stationery items

From paper, pencils, pens to calculators, and more, choosing the right stationery promotional item can be exhausting and confusing at the very least. Need a handy guide to help you choose the stationery that is perfect for your company? You have come to the right article!

When choosing the right type of stationery for your corporate promotional product, the number one question to ask is, “Who are your customers?” It is essential to understand your customers, as it holds the key to providing a promotional product that captures your brand. Keeping customers’ needs and wants in mind will create a good customer experience and may lead customers to keep coming back to you. 

Why Choose Calculators or Other Desk Items as Your Corporate Branded Items? 

With the rise of digital calculators, some may assume that electronic calculators are no longer needed. However, this is far from true for individuals with jobs requiring heavy calculation, such as accounting and mathematics. Most times, having buttons to press while inputting numbers can be helpful to avoid mistakes. Therefore, electronic calculators make the ideal promotional item to give to clients or employees that are heavily involved in numerical calculations. 

Desk organisers, desk accessories, coasters, and memo holders can be great options to give clients or employees with a lot of documents, paper materials, and other objects put on the table. 

Read on to find out more about Promote It types of desk items and find out which one is right for you. 

Why Choose Pens as Your Corporate Branded Items? 

Pens have been known to be beneficial for us to express our minds and hearts. They act as extensions of our unexpressed thoughts, especially when the ideas that run through our minds are too fast to remember. 

When it comes to essential items that we take everywhere, a pen is one of them. This is proven by the staggering fact that two billion pens were manufactured annually. Due to their simplicity and ease of use, pens are popular and will never be obsolete. This is why corporate logo pens are famous as promotional products. However, note that it is also important for corporate branded items to be high in quality. 

Read on to find out more about Promote It types of pens and which one is right for you. 


Premium Pens 

If your company sells premium or luxury products, then your promotional items should reflect just that. Premium pens can be an excellent choice, as they look stylish and provide a better writing experience. In regards to cost, premium pens cost the most. However, they convey comfort, elegance, and luxury to your customers. The colour palette consists of high-quality, smooth black or silver metal. 

Plastic Pens 

In contrast, if your customers are mainly children or kids, the perfect choice can be plastic pens with colourful exteriors that are attractive to young children. Another benefit is their durability towards children’s bites and rough play. When it comes to cost, plastic pens are the most affordable, making it perfect for bulk purchases. 

Metal Pens 

If you’re looking for something in between plastic and premium pens, look no further – metal pens are ideal. Promote It sells a full range of metal pens, from the retractable, twist-action mechanism, to lid top pens. More affordable than premium pens, yet are still aesthetically pleasing, metal pens are often the best option for the middle-class customer segment. 

Eco Pens 

Another growing customer segment is eco-friendly customers. This is relevant if your business revolves around natural, cruelty-free products that are environmentally sustainable. If this is you, try the eco pens as your corporate promotional product. With recycled paper as the pen’s body, a company branded eco pen speaks volumes on your concern towards the environment. 

Pen Gift Set 

When gifting important clients and stakeholders, what more can you expect than a professionally packaged, aesthetically pleasing gift set of pens with your company logo branded on them? Essentially, a gift set tells the receiver of your care and appreciation. Depending on your clients’ needs, we also provide gift pairings with USB flash drives and flashlights. 


Final Words 

Stationeries are highly usable, durable, and essential in everyday life, which are the reasons they make excellent company branded promotional products. Having your corporate logo branded on the products can act as part of a long-term marketing strategy, which is why it is crucial to choose the correct type of stationery that can convey your company branding and reach the targeted customer segment. 

Promote It is New Zealand’s leading promotional merchandise supplier, offering an entire range of great unique promotional products and corporate gifts NZ that can be customised to suit your target audience and market. If you need help in developing or integrating a promotional products plan into your marketing strategy, be sure to contact us