Ideal promotional products for trade shows

Trade show promotional products NZ

Trade shows are a great opportunity for businesses to connect with like-minded organisations and potential clients/customers, as after all, the purpose of trade shows is to connect with people and heighten the attention that is directed at your organisation. The issue though that comes with trade shows is that as there are so many businesses there for the same reasons, it can be difficult to cut through the masses and stand out amongst the pack. Stay present with your audience by sending them away with a promotional gift after they leave your stall. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, but  it is also a fantastic advertising opportunity they will make it easier for people to recall your brand after the event. 


The trick with trade show promotional items is to make them small and convenient. No one wants to be carting around a large or annoying item all day, especially when the likelihood is they will be receiving quite a few from the event. Opt for something which will provide use, whether that be on the day at the actual event or in general. Take a look at our affordable trade show promotional gift suggestions. 



Promotional pens make for the perfect company branded promotional item as they are used every day and often kept for years! With promotional pens in hundreds of different colours, Promote It can provide ‘Mix and Match’ branded pens, where different components of the pen, e.g. barrel, grip, the clicker can be chosen in different colours. We can also colour match your specific company colour pantones with custom manufacturing. You want sharp, eye-catching branded pens to capture your brand and constantly leave your brand within your consumers minds. 


Tote Bag

Tote bags are such a practical, yet appreciated gift when received at a trade show as often you receive so many brochures and bits and pieces, yet are left with nothing to carry them in. Not only are they useful at the actual event, they will also be put to use in general as you can never have enough reusable (& sustainable!) bags. 


Key rings

Small and compact yet always put to good use, you cannot go wrong with a stylish keyring which features your organisations logo. Promote It offer a versatile range of key rings, whether you are wanting something formal and classy or perhaps want to opt for the more playful route with something such as the bottle opener keyring. 


Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are always appreciated as they tend to be a household item that is always misplaced or lost. Available in an array of sizes and styles, select one that best suits your needs and customise them with the addition of your company logo. 



Seeing that we are in the middle of the warmer months, a fan will be appreciated, especially when being handing out on a hot day or at an overcrowded event that has limited air conditioning / flowing air. These plastic hand fans can be branded in full colour on both sides. 


Reusable coffee cup 

Who doesn’t love coffee?! Stand out amongst the crowd of stalls by having a free coffee stand. Not only will people appreciate the free coffee, but if you serve the coffee in custom reusable coffee cups which have your logo printed on them, it also acts as free advertising. 



Although they may not be the most exciting promotional product on this list, they are practical, meaning that they will be appreciated and put to good use. Not only are they handy to carry your keys around, it is a great way to instill your branding into your consumers minds. 


Business card phone stand

Business cards are a staple for most businesses, however, sometimes they can be a bit annoying and can tend to get thrown out due to the amount of business cards people tend to rack up. Stand out and give your business cards a purpose. Our business card phone stands provides just that. Our unique plastic business card can be folded into a handy phone or tablet stand. It can be carried in a wallet, purse, credit card holder, travel wallet, or business card holder, so it is always available when required. 


Personalise it to your business

Fitness Towel

Is your business situated within the fitness industry? Why not create branded fitness towels to hand out at your next trade / expo event. Not only are they resilient and designed to fit most standard benches, they can also be customised to match your company branding. 


Promote It have an entire range of great promotional gifts that are ideal for all trade and expo shows. No matter what industry your clients operate in, Promote It is the place to look. As the leaders in promotional merchandise, Promote It can help you promote your brand on your own terms. Our promotional products NZ are designed to be seen, while also fulfilling a practical purpose. Contact us today on 09 917 1333 or to discuss your promotional product needs.