5 Event Marketing Strategies that Stand the Test of Time

Strategy planning

Event marketing is one of the most crucial elements of an event as it helps to entice other people to join your event. A successful event marketing campaign gets you all the attention, buzz, and awareness that you need for your event. However, it is easier said than done, and it can be tough if you don’t have the right experience & strategy in place.

This article is here to help you learn more about event promotion strategies that are sustainable over time.


Pop-Up Events

Pop-up events are an unexpected event that holds an element of surprise, spiking curiosity in people passing by. This curiosity gets people to stop and pay initial attention, which brings potential customers to notice and engage directly with your brand. As a result, our event will stand out amongst the noise of competition, enforcing a positive brand image with their interactive nature. One of the best ways to spread the word during a pop-up event is to distribute a goodie bag containing your event information and branding items, such as stickers, pins, or flags. You can also give out free promotional items such as keychains, pens, or other fun items to attract and engage with your potential customers.


Email Marketing

Event email marketing continues to play a crucial role in event promotional strategy. According to these statistics, over 75% of event creators pick email marketing as their most effective strategy, and 45% of event ticket sales are coming from emails. Event-related emails generally see a 28% open rate, but increasing the sense of urgency in the subject line and using the recipient’s name can significantly increase that number. When it comes to email marketing for event promotion, it is best to start with informational emails that function as a ‘teaser’, briefly letting people know what’s coming and when to expect further details. As the event date approaches, you can send more detailed information and create a dedicated landing page for your event. For ease of mind, use an email marketing platform to automate your strategy.


Social Media Marketing

Email and social media are intertwined – in fact, 62% of event creators utilised social media to grow their email list. Social media is an indispensable marketing tool for event creators who are able to reap its benefit. By combining organic strategy with paid advertising, you can increase conversion rate and ticket sales for your event. Use an event hashtag and place it prominently across your social media and websites. Encourage website visitors to use the hashtag when engaging on social media, which helps you to track engagement and interests in the event. Another great way to promote using vibrant communities that bring people together – think Twitter chats, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups. This helps to start building up buzz for your event before it even started. You can also use social media to drive passive sales by building share incentive and crowdsourcing additional price.


Event SEO Strategy

Your event website is one of the most essential components of your promotional strategy, so don’t ignore the power of the event SEO strategy. Offer content with very specific keywords or purposes so your event pages can easily reach the top of voice-search results from smart devices. Target long-tail keywords rather than short ones, as they help you to target a niche audience for your event, much lower search volume, and helps your page to stand out. When building your content, only use high-quality links that are linked through your targeted keywords for the page. Lastly, and most importantly, make sure your website is both mobile responsive AND optimised, since many event-goers research events on their phones before completing a purchase.


Strategic Partnerships

You can make event marketing a lot easier if you’re strategic about where to put in your effort. Strategic partnerships may take longer to implement, but once in place, it can be a continuous source of referrals to your event. The key point here is to identify the right partners for your event, i.e. those who share a common target audience with you – for example, if you’re organising a university fair for international students, the best strategic partners are going to be student housing accommodation. One way to maximise the benefits of a strategic partner is by looking into incentivising referrals from these strategic partners or asking them to be sponsors at your events. This can be a real win-win solution for you both, boosting your chances of making your events a success.

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