The Best Promotional Products for Corporate Giveaways

Promotional Products for Corporate Giveaway

By only choosing the right promotional products, you can already promote and market your brand without having to put in heaps of effort. Whether you are giving promotional products for corporate giveaways to your clients or employees, selecting the products that are thoughtful and useful in people’s daily lives will have a much more powerful impact than you can imagine. Not only will people be more appreciative of those items but also motivate people to use those items more frequently which is the reason why we are creating the corporate giveaways in the first place; to create brand awareness.

Here we gather all of the best promotional products for corporate giveaway ideas to inspire you when selecting for your clients or employees. 


Different companies have different goals when performing marketing campaigns, choosing the most suitable giveaway promotional items also varies among the objectives of your company. If you need assistance in choosing the best custom made promotional products for your company, contact us at Promote It, for more information. 

Best Promotional Products Ideas For Corporate Giveaways

Reusable Coffee Cup 

A lot of people love to start their hectic day with a warm cup of coffee. Isn’t it lovely to enjoy a morning coffee experience with custom made eco-friendly cups? Other than the fact that it helps reduce the waste from disposable cups with landfill issues, the high-quality reusable coffee cup also keeps the coffee’s temperature hotter for longer than the disposable cups. What better way to enhance the morning experience while reminding your clients of your brand name with your quality custom made promotional cup. 


Portable charger 

These days, electrical devices have become much more important than ever. Especially during work hours where communication plays a significant role, it is important to not allow the limitation on battery interference with it. This is part of the reason why corporate branded portable chargers are becoming popular among businesses, as everybody needs them. Offering power banks or portable chargers as a corporate giveaway gift is definitely thoughtful and easily increases brand awareness.


Printed Promotional Mug

 An all-time favorite giveaways gift would have to be printed promotional mugs. Custom corporate mugs can be easily customised with a logo, making your brand the perfect design for a mug. Giving them to your staff can enhance the team spirit and allow them to be easily noticed by others when they use them outside of the office. When giving to clients or as a gift from a corporate meeting, they may enhance the good reputation as well as influence business decisions. 


Hand Sanitiser

Ever since the pandemic, people are becoming more aware of cleanliness, health, and hygiene. There is no better opportunity for businesses to use hand sanitiser as their promotional products. 

As we all know, washing your hands frequently with water and soap is one of the most effective ways to kill bacteria on your hands before touching your food or your face. However, washing your hands with soap 10 times a day will definitely dry your hands out. That is why many people are using hand sanitisers as an alternative. With 75% of alcohol, sanitisers are effective in killing bacteria and germs while also minimising the possibility of skin dehydration. Choosing hand sanitiser for a corporate giveaway product can enhance the good reputation of your company as well as helps the community by caring for the hygiene and safety of others. 


Corporate Branded Pens

As small as it may seem corporate logo pens are more powerful than you can imagine. Because of its cost-effective and affordable price, giveaways become much easier and wider spread, which means brand awareness is increased.

When designing the custom made corporate pens, it is essential to put in your brand name, address, contact details, and your company website. Therefore, every time people are using your pen, it will remind them of your company. Even though they do not need your services or products at the moment, in the future when in need, your brand will be the first to pop up in their head.


Drawstring Bags

Drawstring Bags are one of the customs made promotional products that have high visibility as much as reusable coffee cups or corporate branded pens. They are also extremely handy and suitable for any occasion; whether it’s the gym, beach, picnic, or food shopping. 

If you need help choosing company branded promotional items, contact us for our friendly advice. Here at Promote It, we offer a wide range of promotional products for clients in New Zealand. Check out more of our custom made promotional products and order promotional items online now or call 09 9171 333 for more information.