Ways to Increase Employee Engagement during a Pandemic

Increase employee engagement during pandemic

It has been several months since the pandemic started, and many businesses have adapted into new ways of operation. Employees have transitioned their home into a workplace as some cities are currently under a lockdown or stay-at-home order from their government. However, the work-from-home working arrangement is not always ideal – employees are at a higher risk for burnout, anxiety, and stress, especially during self-isolation. As such, employers need to show their appreciation and rewards for their employees’ effort and hard work during the pandemic.


One way to do so is by sending promotional products and merchandise to keep your employees motivated and inspired to work. Here are a few ideas that are both inspiring and effective in increasing employee engagement during the Covid-19 lockdown.


Motivate with Promotions and Vouchers

Trust your team members with meaningful responsibilities, which will motivate them as well as helping to boost their confidence and job satisfaction. If you notice that some of your team members are going the extra mile despite the current situation, this is the perfect opportunity to reward them with promotions and vouchers. These tokens of appreciation will surely make your team members feel valued and appreciated.


Communicate Often

Communication and keeping in touch with other human beings is one of our innate needs. While our working arrangements may have changed significantly, do not forget to maintain trust and relationships within your team. Schedule routine catch-ups that are not work-related, and explain to your members that every team member, no matter their position, has great responsibility towards the failure or success of the company. When employees perceive that their efforts have impact on the greater good, they will become more invested in the tasks that are assigned to them. By doing so, you are doing a great favour for both your team members as well as your company.


Self-Care Pack

Seek out opportunities to connect and engage with your team, and take a genuine interest in their personal lives. Ask them about questions that are more than just work-related, such as about their mental health, work-at-home struggles, basic needs, and more. Use this opportunity to understand their needs and create a personalised self-care pack or hampers based on their needs. This hamper may include one or more things, such as hand sanitisers and lip balms. When team members feel as if there’s someone looking after them, they will feel motivated to work harder.


Company Merchandise

In order to maintain employee morale and spirit, it is crucial to retain the culture that you have built over the years. This is because a strong company culture leads to an improved turnover rate, which slowly builds employee satisfaction, belongingness, and retention overtime. However, some activities, such as Friday happy hours, team games every Monday, or coffee breaks are much harder to implement virtually. One of the best ways to continue doing this is by sending branded company merchandise to your staff, such as branded reusable face masks, promotional mug, or custom made corporate pens. This will make your employees feel more appreciated and have a stronger sense of belonging, which hopefully increases your employee engagement rate and productivity.

To wrap it up, you can continue to make your employees feel appreciated despite the distance and tough times by sending them rewards that they can enjoy and wear while they’re at home. If you want to create your own company-branded promotional items, contact us for our friendly advice. Here at Promote It, we offer a wide range of promotional products for clients in New Zealand. Check out more of our custom made promotional products and order promotional items online now or call 09 9171 333 for more information.